Cisco, Campus partner

Cutting-edge solutions, scholarships and a mutual commitment for the development of education.

We have been collaborating with Cisco for 5 years, connecting students, professionals and projects with each other and with the world, with the goal of making the use of technology easy and accessible to all.

Thanks to this agreement Cisco will not only provide all network, security and collaboration services, but will become an important partner in the Edutech field. The company shares our same values and will support our Education project providing its most advanced tools to our students and teachers, from international school to post-graduate courses.

Cisco will also provide scholarships for deserving students through our H for Human Foundation, which raises funds to facilitate access to high-quality education.

Our campus will also be one of the places where a Cisco Academy will be implemented, to deliver a complete training program that provides Cisco-certified basic and advanced digital skills to support businesses.