We are a partner of ARTIFEX

An ERASMUS + project that aims to promote STEM activities among teachers and educators outside the traditional school environment.

This year our Sparx educators have actively collaborated with ARTIFEX planning various activities including two workshops and organizing at the FabLab of Castelfranco Veneto (TV) a research group of 11 people, teachers and educators of primary and secondary school, interested in be trained on STEM activities and collect information and data about the activities themselves, through the action research methodology.

All the workshops written by the different ARTIFEX partners will be collected in an e-learning platform, where a questionnaire (assessment tool) created and tested by university researchers will be available. The questionnaire will support teachers and professionals, who wish to integrate STEM into their classes, to better understand their strengths and weaknesses regarding the teaching of these subjects.

Three of our Sparx educators took part in the "STEM EDUCATION in innovative out-of-the-classroom learning environments" event organized by ARTIFEX and held on October 15-16 in Kromeriz.
During the event, they presented one of the two workshops designed, based on the construction of a Pinball Machine using recycled materials and tech kits, and conducted a focus group with teachers from various countries focusing on how to improve the connected assessment tool to the ARTIFEX e-learning platform, and how to involve teachers more in the experimentation of STEM subjects.