H-FARM International School: our students at the Restera Art District

There are also haikus by our MYP1 students in the new Treviso urban art district.

The MYP1 students of our international school in Treviso are among the artists featured in the new Treviso urban art district, with over 30 murals, ceramics, installations, and sculptures. 

Restera Art District is a 200mt-walk along the Alzaia sul Sile, in Treviso. It collects the result of six editions of Anthropica: it's an annual street art festival founded and directed by Michele Zappia, which from 2015 seeks to gather the best muralists in the territory for a live painting exhibition.

Among the many artists who have contributed to the Restera Art District are also MYP1 students of our international school Treviso, who created some haikus for the occasion. 

Under the guidance of Miss. Elena Pinnen, our students wrote some Japanese-style short form poems, with an emphasis on nature to be aligned with the primary goal of the Anthropica association, which promotes the Restera Art District. 

Then, the poems became artistic ceramic pieces embellished with the contributions of the artisan Umberto Visentin

 "The idea at the basis of such an activity is to make students understand how poetry necessarily stems from a sense of wonder for the world, without ever even trying to resolve its intrinsic and highly problematic nature. At H-FARM, we encourage kids to be pluralistic and to value the importance of taking into account divergent visions of the world, refuting unique and unidirectional interpretations. Due to its same genesis and features, poetry is likely to be the most fitting means of expression to show students the extraordinary and mysterious complexity of the real”, as expressed by Miss Pinnen.

In addition to the live show, there will be a virtual version viewable through a virtual reality viewer, with sound provided by students from MYP1.