SHADO and Irinox

Our media company, part of H-FARM Industry, build the new engagement platform by Irinox, leading company in the production of electrical enclosures and blast chillers.

Fresco Club, innovative gamification platform that will lead to the creation of a new online food community, has been developed by SHADO, our media company and business unit dedicated to branding & storytelling

Once accessed the platform, users take part in a series of quizzes and tutorials focused on the cooking world and the blast chiller's functions and can rack up points to level up and acquire new titles. The project is based on FANDOM, SHADO's proprietary platform that builds, connects and monetize consumer bases.

Fresco is the first free standing household blast chiller for healthy cooking and preservation and has been developed by Irinox, Treviso-based company specialized in innovative technologies for commercial and domestic kitchens.