New digital communication strategy for Mani Tese

For the Italian development NGO Mani Tese we designed a new creative concept based on the metaphor of TV series.

Mani Tese is an Italian development NGO operating at national and international level to further justice, solidarity, promotion of human rights and respect among people. Since its foundation in 1964, it has implemented development projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, in the areas of education, agriculture, infrastructures, support to cooperatives, human rights, healthcare and many more. 

We have collaborated with Mani Tese to tell their projects in an original and unique way, by using the metaphor of TV series. We have curated the creative concept, the creation of content and graphic materials, the media planning and the development of the website, where the ONG projects are displayed as if they were films and TV series. Mani Tese's commitment to education, human rights, food and the environment are translated into fictional series like "Baking Bread", Climate Change Heroes”, "Made in Justice", according to a selection made through an innovative open data analysis.

This connection between life and fiction is designed to turn our passion for TV series into tangible, positive actions, transforming the concept of bingewatching in “bingegiving” and encouraging people to donate.