We’re a partner of Robolink for our summer camps

Two online labs dedicated to game design, live-streamed from the USA.

Robolink's mission is to encourage students to engage with STEM. They make fun and approachable robotics kits that teach coding and engineering in an exciting way: a perfect match with us.

With them, we will organize two online labs in English in June. Children and teenagers from 8 to 14 y.o. will learn how to design and code a video game with teachers live streaming from all over the USA. 

Buy the camps here.

We met them at the 2020 Bett Show in London and immediately knew we could collaborate successfully. Robolink is the first startup to make a programmable educational drone and a self-driving car kit that teaches artificial intelligence. They have learning centers in San Diego, schools all over the USA where they teach AI, coding, and engineering, and a division dedicated to online learning. This is only the first step in our collaboration. More will come soon!