Two new international university degrees

In collaboration with the University of Europe, a distinguished institute based in Berlin and Hamburg.

Starting in September 2022, the new degrees will guarantee you a German degree and will take place between our campus and the University of Europe's campus in Potsdam.

The Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business & Data Science has a focus on the collection and analysis of data, now increasingly strategic to building the success of any company and crucial to any institution. This degree responds to the huge and growing demand for specialists in digital business, computer science, and data analyses, offering students career prospects as data scientists, data analysts, market research analysts, e-commerce managers, and digital marketing managers.

The Master of Arts in Innovation Design Management is among the most cutting-edge management programmes today. It is aimed at those who want to specialise in a field becoming increasingly important for companies looking to create an organisational culture of innovation and change. It has a 2-year duration, the first at our Campus and the second at the UE campus in Potsdam. Graduates develop strong skills in interdisciplinarity, innovation, and creative problem solving and work in fields such as corporate strategy, consulting, and customer experience design.

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