PubCoder, free digital books for children

Our portfolio company offers some of their digital books for children and 2 months of its technology for free.

PubCoder, our portfolio company that developed a digital publishing software to create interactive content, is focused on helping the youngest and most fragile in our society.

The company created a free interactive digital book called "A Curious Guide for Courageous Kids – Corona Virus" to inform the curious minds of boys and girls about the current situation. It's available for Apple and Android.

It has also worked with four large Italian publishers to make 10 books for children with autism available for free. "I libri per tutti" use the symbols of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to facilitate reading accessibility for all children. Among them are The Three Little Pigs, Puss in Boots, The Sleeping Beauty, The Story of a Snail Who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow.

Also, PubCoder gives everyone the opportunity to reuse their technology for free for 2 months, for all trials requested until May 31, and to purchase its software with a 50% discount.