Virtual reality to train construction professionals

In collaboration with Spisal, Ulss 3 Veneziana and Centro Edili Venezia, here is the first Italian virtual reality project for the safety of construction workers.

VR headsets, joysticks and special gloves to interact with multimedia contents are the equipment we need for a new and interactive type of training. This project, the first in its kind to be developed in Italy, will be rolled out in the two-year period 2019-2021 and financed by ULSS Veneziana thanks to the funds that come from the collection of penalties by Spisal, the Veneto's Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

Centro Edili Venezia appointed us with the development of 3 virtual reality environments. The first one will be available from September 2019 to companies, schools and professionals, with the goal of simulating different kinds of interventions on roofs. Operations on photovoltaic systems, on antennas or satellite dishes, the maintenance of chimneys, the cleaning of gutters and technical rooms and the installation of railings were recreated in virtual reality.

The other 2 environments, already in the planning phase, concern other potentially critical interventions such as the decontamination and reclamation of materials containing asbestos and the correct assembly and dismantling of scaffolding and prefabricated frames.