SHADO, Carlsberg and Juventus Club

Our media company, part of H-FARM Industry, has conceived and produced Carlsberg's new editorial project in collaboration with Juventus Club.

An online club where football lovers can share their passion, meet new friends and have fun: it's Carlsberg Club, a project produced by SHADO, our media company and business unit dedicated to branding & storytelling.

Four Juventus Football Club players (Alex Sandro, Andrea Barzagli, Daniele Rugani, Stefano Sturaro) and Massimiliano Loizzi (Italian comedian) are the protagonists of the first Carlsberg Club's video, an interactive content that allow users to play with some of the elements in the video and try to win a supply of beer, a Carlsberg T-shirt or two tickets for a Juventus match. 

This project is built upon Fandom, Shado's proprietary platform that creates and distributes interactive and multichannel digital experiences based on a gamification system, and includes an editorial plan for Carlsberg's social media channels. This engaging experience that combines communication and entertainment is the innovative force of the entire project.