SHADO and Leonardo Bonucci

Our media company, part of H-FARM Industry, launched the new web platform of the Milan football club's captain.

SHADO, our media company and Industry business unit dedicated to branding & storytelling, launched the new web platform of Leonardo Bonucci, an innovative digital project that redefines the relationship between the champion and his fans. Bonucci came to our campus to present the project and meet our students.

Bonucci is one of the most "social" serie A players with 5.5 million followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and has always shown a strong awareness of the power of digital technology. This project was born with the idea of harnessing the potential of social media to represent in a positive way Leonardo's responsibility to his fans, especially the younger ones.

At you can find his story, his pictures, his social media channels and especially "Big", an animated series aimed at inspiring young people in their time of growth, when they become great not only in the field, but in life.

The collaboration between Bonucci and SHADO began in the summer of 2017 from a common vision, from the idea that it's necessary to discard the traditional engagement strategies to build more real relationships and to humanize a person who can positively impact thousands of young people.