SHADO produces the spot for Fondazione Vodafone Italia and AIRC

Our media company produced the promotional video of DreamLab, a new app aimed at helping cancer research.

This new campaign promotes DreamLab, the app developed by Fondazione Vodafone Italia that turns smartphones into tools to accelerate cancer research. Download it here for both iOS and Android.

The video spot (watch it here), produced by our media company SHADO, is focused on the ease of use of the app and enhances the contribution it can make to cancer research. By downloading DreamLab and charging your smartphone at night, the app uses the smartphone's computing power to process complex data and send it to researchers.

AIRC (the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research) will use DreamLab for the research project "Genome in 3D" conducted by the IFOM Institute of Molecular Oncology, that aims to use the data collected to develop personalized anti-tumor therapies.

To better illustrate the DreamLab functionalities, SHADO has also produced a video tutorial (see it here), in which Massimo Temporelli, science popularizer and AIRC Ambassador, explains the features and purpose of the app.