SHADO for Nastro Rosa AIRC 2018

Our media company released a new video to raise awareness and support breast cancer research.

With an emotional and compelling video conceived and shot by our media company SHADO, the web campaign Nastro Rosa for the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) started. The video will be online for the entire month of October, historically dedicated to raise awareness for breast cancer, and highlights the progress and results of scientific research.

The creative idea was to inform and raise awareness at the same time, through impactful and inspirational images. The story is based on 3 elements: our large garden, located in the heart of the River Sile Natural Park, more than 50 volunteers of all ages wearing a pink t-shirt, and a pink ribbon, the symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

The women who participated in the shooting were asked some questions about their knowledge of breast cancer treatments. They moved from one part of the lawn to another, forming two different percentage responses. Using drones, the footage is captured from above, creating a sort of human-infographic that forms the pink ribbon symbol with a missing piece, to show that if we all help we can make cancer more treatable and figuratively complete that ribbon. 

Watch the video and support the cause on