Summer School 2023 comes to Brindisi

Through the "Solution Factory" workshop, children will be guided in the design of a peace drawing.

The creative electronics workshop will involve children aged 8 to 14 and will take place from 26th June to 7th July in Brindisi, the 'city of possible change' that has made peace a pillar of its marketing strategy. 

This year, for the first time, we will be taking our educational activities outside the Campus, thanks to the partnerships we have forged with various Italian territorial realities.

Brindisi, selected because of its innovative marketing projects and the presence of one of the most important UN Peacekeeping logistic bases in the world, will host a unique School, the first to be inspired by the support of UN Peacekeeping missions. The aim is to raise awareness and impart digital and technological skills to children and youth to solve problems and manage unforeseen contingencies related to peacekeeping missions.

The aim of the Summer School is also territorial promotion, to attract families from Italy and abroad to Brindisi with an offer of on-site experiences and activities and with agreements with excellent accommodation facilities. The Summer School will be hosted in the training rooms of Molo 12 Brindisi, the coworking space located inside Palazzo Guerrieri managed by the Certified Incubator The Qube. The chosen location is valorised by the Municipal Administration and is now home to numerous activities dedicated to the reuse of public assets and social innovation and is constantly being enriched through new collaborations and projects.

The "Solution Factory" workshop will take place entirely in English, and children and young people will have the opportunity – through the use of tools such as iPads, littleBits, Sphero, micro:bit and Tinkering – to devise and realise creative solutions and electronic inventions modelled on the mission support activities conducted by the UN Logistics Base in Brindisi. Together they will discover the components of an electrical circuit and learn how to prototype projects that come to life using motors, LEDs, sensors and conductive materials.

We also aim to involve children from difficult backgrounds in the city through Confindustria Brindisi, creating a network of companies that will in turn be able to support the initiative we have pioneered through the pilot project this summer. With this initiative, we also aim to enhance the human capital of Brindisi's young educators, who will also be able to be hosted on our campus for a training and education session.

Marco Labozzetta, Labs&Camps coordinator of H-FARM Summer School, states that: "investing in human capital is in the DNA of H-FARM, that's why we aim to create a first on-site team that could be the basis for possible developments in the educational industry in Puglia. There is no innovation if we don't remember the tradition, in fact the choice of declining the activities of H-FARM Summer School in other Italian cities comes from the awareness that enhancing the individual territories and specific know-how, raising awareness and involving the youngest through the use of digital and technology, is a fundamental prerogative to bring innovation in the Italian entrepreneurial fabric."