Talks on Tomorrow – Design between human and artificial intelligence

The event format that we launched with La Repubblica continues: join us on January 28 in Milan.

Whatever the nature of a project, a product or a service, today design puts man at the center. The goal is to improve our lives, the way we interact with objects and their experience of use: function and form are inextricably linked.
Now that digital transformation has a disruptive impact in all sectors, new technologies play an important role also in creative processes. Some of the most important brands have already started testing AI in the design of their products. These tests require some fundamental questions: can artificial intelligence and human creativity coexist? Is there the risk of succumbing to an "artificial creativity" or will the human one remain irreplaceable? And how will these new technologies impact our way of conceiving design?

Join us on Monday, January 28 in Milan to discuss these topics at the fourth Talks on Tomorrow event we organize with La Repubblica: register here.
Valeria Palermi – director of D la Repubblica;
Massimo Banzi, co-founder and president of Arduino, curator of Maker Faire Rome;
Giulio Iacchetti, industrial designer and winner of two Golden Compasses; 
Fabrizio Longo, director of Audi Italia;
Stefano Maffei, Ordinary Professor at the Department of Design of the Polytechnic of Milan, scientific director of Polifactory and director of the Master in Service Design.