TECH IT EASY – Future Choices

Our event format where companies, startups and experts discuss the main innovation trends. On November 5, we will discuss sustainability, corporate social responsibility and new generations' choices with Audi.


TECH IT EASY  is our event format where companies, entrepreneurs, experts  and non experts discuss how technology is changing industrial sectors and our lives.

The constant exchange between generations of entrepreneurs, innovators and consumers affects the daily choices we make for our future. The sustainability of business processes and corporate social responsibility are increasingly central and influence the choices of consumers and companies.

Today more than ever it's essential to inspire the younger generations through ethical and civic models. In this sense, education plays a fundamental role as a driving force for the growth of territories and economies in a sustainable perspective, just as new technologies and innovative startups can make a significant contribution.

What impact do new business models and the new generations' choices have on today's world and on the challenges linked to sustainability and environmental protection?

Join us oin 5 November (register here) to discuss it together with our official partner Audi. We will explore what are the main areas in which innovation and sustainability are combined and give life to projects that meet the needs of today's consumers.

With the participation of:
Audi Management
Hervé Barmasse
 – professional alpinist (athlete of The North Face Global Team), writer and motivational speaker
Alex Bellini – adventurer and public speaker
Osvaldo De Falco – founder of Biorfarm
Riccardo Donadon – CEO and founder of H-FARM
Andrea Pandolfi – business developer Nord Est Italia at Too Good To Go
Sofia Viscardi – writer and web creator
The students of the Audi WeGeneration project
Moderated by Luca Zorloni, journalist at Wired Italia.