Let’s talk about future

BigRock, H-FARM College and BigWave: Open Day on tour!

The labour market is changing radically.
Digital' professions, which until yesterday were considered superfluous or of little use, have been gaining ground in recent years. Digital content creation, programming, communication, digital management, are just some of the qualities that today's working environments demand with great interest and that tomorrow will become fundamental for the evolution of society.

These qualities and skills are taught every day within the schools of BigRock, BigWave and in the three-year courses of H-FARM College.

So why not talk about all this and explore it together?
We are aware, however, that for geographical reasons coming to see us can sometimes be difficult. And we are especially aware that a live conversation is quite different from a live online conversation. It is precisely for this reason that BigRock, BigWave, together with H-FARM College, have decided to start touring Italy and meeting those who, although very interested in our courses, have no way of reaching us on our Campus.

Where will we be?
Inside The Space Cinemas scattered around the country, on Sunday mornings, to give a magical touch to what we'll be talking about. We will be there to answer your questions and let you in as much as possible because we want to make sure that, when you choose us, you do so with the clear idea of embarking on a fantastic adventure in Europe's largest technology hub.

For those who want to get to know us but can't make it, we look forward to seeing you at one of the tour stops!