Project “United through Science”

The project that aims to offer to the students of the local schools the opportunity to experience science through laboratory experiments. 

United Through Science it’s a project that our school has been promoting from January to April. It aims to offer to the students of the local schools the opportunity to experience science through laboratory experiments carried out within the H-International School Campus.

Vivaldi Primary School, R. Selvatico Primary School and  A. Musalo Primary School 
came to visit us for joining  two practical laboratory experiences: one in chemistry and one in biology, coordinated by Dr. Vincenzo Rosario la Franca Pitarresi

The two lab experiences gave the chance to three different classes to improve their knowledge of scientific vocabulary and familiarity with a laboratory setting through practical experiences. During the experiments, beside Prof. La Franca, the little guests were helped and supported by our DP students, who guided them in the discovery of science with passion and patience.

"High school students can develop leadership skills, gain teaching experience and reinforce their own learning by explaining concepts to others. Primary school students, on the other hand, can benefit from the personalised attention and support of an older student and may be more likely to engage with and understand the material being taught. In addition to the academic benefits, peer tutoring can also promote empathy and understanding between students of different ages. High school students who tutor can learn to be patient, empathetic and understanding of the challenges faced by younger students. This can help them develop a sense of responsibility and maturity, as well as a deeper appreciation for the importance of education. For primary school students, working with older students can provide positive role models and help them feel more confident and motivated in their learning. This can also help foster a sense of community and belonging within the school, as older and younger students work together towards a common goal. Overall, peer tutoring can be an effective way to promote learning, empathy and community within the school environment. Providing high school students the opportunity to mentor younger students and primary schools students to receive personalised support and attention."