Women in Voice Italy

Community dedicated to women and voice technology. Among the founders is Bea Dobrzyńska of our artificial intelligence company CELI.

Women in Voice is an organization founded in 2018 by Joan Palmiter Bajorek in the USA. Its mission is to build community for women in this field, to amplify the work and talent of women, to provide professional development and resources to support women, to empower women and diverse people in the voice technology field. 

The Italian chapter, Women in Voice Italy, was founded by Bea Dobrzyńska (of our AI company CELI), Laura Lucarini and Chiara Martino to:

  • build a community for women in the field of Conversational AI & Voice Technologies
  • support the work of all the international chapters
  • amplify the work and talent of Italian women
  • provide professional development and resources to support women
  • empower women and diverse people in the voice technology field

Join the community!

On March 30 there will be an online meetup to better understand the project and get in touch with other professionals interested in the voice sector: register here.