Zooppa, Talenthouse and Ello form TLNT Holdings

The most diverse creative platform with 5 million members in 200 countries.

TLNT Holdings brings together three powerhouse creative communities – Ello, Talenthouse, and Zooppa – and is a new, sustainable content ecosystem where both brands and creatives will thrive.

Over the last 12 years, creatives have already earned over $15 million across Ello, Talenthouse, and Zooppa. With teams across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, this platform connects brands with multidisciplinary creatives who are actually part of the audiences they are trying to reach. Responding to a demand for authenticity and cultural relevance, TLNT cuts through the white noise of advertising to promote true collaboration between brands and creatives.

Founded in our campus in 2007, in the course of just a few years, Zooppa established itself in the panorama of digital communications. Leveraging community and technology, Zooppa delivers impactful, innovative, and top tier branded content to a wide roster of high-profile clients such as Amazon, Lexus, Google and Ferrero along with agencies of all sizes. The diverse network of 450.000+ filmmakers, photographers, designers, and storytellers range from seasoned studios to rising talents—all coming together to bring their creativity and innovation to your brand.

In recent years, Zooppa has created over 1,000 projects, and has expanded globally, opening offices in New York, London and Milan, in addition to its headquarters on our campus in Ca' Tron.