Wings 4 Sustainability

A challenge on sustainability launched with Red Bull and Eurodisplay Design in Progress to our College students.

Designing an intelligent waste collection tool in 6 months: it's the goal of Wings 4 Sustainability, the challenge addressed to our College students, who will be supported by our tutors, Red Bull mentors, and experts from Eurodisplay Design in Progress.

Today, 36 million Italians declare themselves sensitive to sustainability issues – they were 21 million in 2015 – (source: Lifegate), which are becoming a priority for governments and companies.

With this goal in mind, we are collaborating with Red Bull, which has implemented measures to minimize its impact for many years, and Eurodisplay Design in Progress, the creator of the NED® – Never-Ending Display protocol to eliminate waste in landfills generated by the in-store disposal of points of purchase.

Wings 4 Sustainability is an opportunity to create a new industrial cycle in the true spirit of the circular economy. The best prototypes designed by our students will be selected and then evaluated to understand if they can transform waste into a resource.

The winners will be announced on November 3, 2021.