5 – 6 years old


Where Every Child’s Tomorrow Begins Today

An exceptional full English one-year program for 5-6 year-olds, corresponding to the Italian kindergarten’s final year.

We nurture the potential of children in a dynamic, digital, and supportive environment. Our unique approach blends personalized learning, digital innovation, and a play-based curriculum. Prepare your child for tomorrow’s world, join us!

Why choose our programme?

  • Future-Ready Skills: equips students with essential academic and digital skills for further education.
  • Personalized Growth: tailors learning to each child, ensuring motivation and support for every student.
  • 100% Full English Education: offers comprehensive English education to spark lifelong curiosity and language mastery.
  • Community and Connection: builds deep connections and a sense of belonging, with active family involvement.
  • Technology and Innovation: integrates cutting-edge technology and creative problem-solving to enhance critical thinking.
  • Small Learning Groups: small groups, with one teacher for every 11 students. This ensures personalized and tailored educational experiences for every student.
Transdisciplinary Learning Method
A unique method for a state-of-the-art education

Our Transdisciplinary Learning Method sees learning as a dynamic journey, blending knowledge, emotional growth, and creativity. Through Play-based Learning, technology integration, and a focus on foundational skills, we nurture independent, and future-ready global citizens.

Play-based Learning

Learning can be fun. Our play-based learning approach offers hands-on experiences that stimulate children’s five senses and foster a deep understanding of the world.

Technology Integration

We embrace modern learning, focusing on building digital literacy and creativity, and teaching children to use and master technology responsibly.

Learning the Basics

Our program lays a solid foundation in math, language, and logic, while also covering essential science, geography, and history concepts. It enriches learning with opportunities for expression through art, music, and dance.

Language Enhancement and Development

Your child will gain a strong foundation in English through group activities and interactive labs while focusing on pronunciation, sounds, and vocabulary.

Emotional and Personal Growth

We emphasize emotional intelligence, guiding children in understanding, expressing, and managing their emotions. Children enhance their interaction, negotiation, and conflict-resolution skills through play, fostering a robust community spirit.

Meet the Teacher

Reception Specialist

Jessica Totten

Our Educators

Reception Assistant

Every class is supported by a bilingual Kindergarten Assistant, who aids the Kindergarten Specialist in creating and coordinating activities, tailoring learning experiences, and providing individualized attention.

Digital Learning Coach

The Digital Learning Coach (DLC) is an expert in integrating digital technologies into teaching, supporting both students and teachers. From enhancing learning with Augmented Reality to educating on responsible device use, the DLC promotes an innovative and critical approach to education.

In Reception, for example, we use BeeBots to help children develop key programming skills and fundamental algorithmic concepts, essential for their future education.

Science Learning Coach

A Science Learning Coach introduces basic science concepts with hands-on experiments like mixing water and food coloring to explore color theory, or planting seeds to understand plant life cycles. This encourages children to ask questions and explore their environment.

Physical Education Teacher

A Physical Education Teacher introduces obstacle race for agility, rhythm-based games to enhance coordination, and team sports to foster collaboration and social skills among children.

A Prestigious Blend of Global Learning Philosophies

Our model combines the academic rigor of the Cambridge Curriculum and the global perspective of the IB, with the creativity and child-centeredness of the Reggio Emilia approach and EYFS

Inspired by leading educational philosophies and play-based curriculums such as Montessori, Swedish preschool, Reggio Emilia approach, Australia’s Te Whāriki, and HighScope, we’ve crafted an environment that elevates learning and personal development.

What’s a day like?

Early Arrival*


Entrance Time


Lessons Start




Lunch Break




Lessons End



A set of IPads is available every two children in the classroom so that they can become familiar with technological devices through the use of specific apps and resources such as BEEBOTS and green screen. Insurance is also included.


Parents can drop off their children from 8.00 a.m. onwards. The school staff will supervise them until the bell rings at 8.30 when they have access to the classroom.

*The service is available at an additional cost of 150€ per year.


Lunch is included in the school fee. The menu is planned by a dietician according to children’s nutritional needs necessary for their growth. The canteen is plastic free.


The school uniform is included in the school fee.


The school is located in a historical villa surrounded by green areas where children have the opportunity to play in contact with nature.


School trips are organized for the Primary School throughout the school year to strengthen their autonomy and discover the world around them.

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