Boarding Schools' Association

Boarding Schools’ Association

The Boarding Schools’ Association is an international institution dedicated to promoting boarding schools.

The BSA focuses on staff training within boarding schools and the promotion of educational initiatives tailored to students. Officially since 2022, H-FARM International School has achievedfull membership” status with the Boarding Schools’ Association. The BSA’s goal is to promote Boarding Education and the development of boarding quality by maintaining high teaching standards and facilities for accommodating students. The association provides training and consultancy services related to school management dedicated to the staff.

We are honoured to have obtained BSA certification and to have become part of the Boarding Schools’ Association since 2022. Services and spaces dedicated entirely to students have always been a top priority for us.

Boarding Schools’ Association member schools are currently located in 40 countries, with 8 International Schools present in Italy. The association places great importance on the research phase to find the most suitable type of school for each student. Therefore, it aims to support parents and students in making this important decision by identifying specific areas of interest.

The BSA offers the largest professional development program dedicated to boarding school staff. This program is a valuable means for H-FARM International School‘s boarding parents, since it allows them to continually improve service quality and progress in their careers.


It involves high-level specialised courses, seminars, and conferences through which internal staff have the opportunity to study, deepen, and further improve specific boarding-related skills.


Achieving this goal has been both a milestone and a confirmation for us. The certification issued by the Boarding Schools’ Association is a great stimulus for improvement and a significant step for the entire school community, which will continue to strive for the promotion of specialised education and the guarantee of the well-being of its students.

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