H-CUP 2024 effect: a wave of enthusiasm, inclusivity, and team spirit

H-CUP 2024 effect: a wave of enthusiasm, inclusivity, and team spirit

The days of April 9th and 16th transformed the H-FARM Campus into a vast playground: the H-CUP 2024 occurred. An initiative filled with energy and colour entirely dedicated to sports competitions. The opening date saw MYP1-3 students as protagonists, while the second one featured High School students, MYP4-5 and DP.

The initiative was conceived by Raffaella Rostolis, Head of Campus Sports Activities, who explains: The H-CUP was born in 2023 initially with the aim of organising sports challenges between public schools in the province. This year, we expanded the project by involving schools from all over Italy. Indeed, the first day saw the participation of cities such as Udine, Florence, and Padua, while the second, Padua and Florence, along with H-FARM Campus and H-FARM teams from Vicenza in all sports”. A peculiarity of this year’s H-CUP not only was the expansion of participation, but also the variety of sports disciplines.

On the first day of the H-CUP, we witnessed thrilling matches of volleyball, basketball, soccer, and badminton. On the second day, there were challenges of volleyball, basketball, soccer, and beach volleyball. Each playing field was filled with a healthy dose of competition and a great sense of alliance demonstrated by every sports team. This great initiative offered students the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy two days in the great outdoors.

The students, as well as being players, felt excited at the idea of experiencing this great adventure in both indoor and outdoor spaces of the Campus to practise their favourite sports. Some of them had the pleasure of sharing their emotions with us. For example, Andrea, captain of the Beavers volleyball team, on April 9th, told us about her H-CUP experience:“I’m feeling good during this experience, my teammates and I support each other, we play great teamwork, and we have a lot of fun”. Carlo, a Beavers basketball player, added: “I started playing when I was 5 years old, I have always loved this sport, and today I gathered with my friends to play together and have fun […]. Plus, I am very tall, and it is very fun for me to participate in the matches”.

During the April 16th, other athletes shared their experience. Lilian, a Beavers soccer player, very excitedly stated that:Sports help develop new skills with other people and within your team”. The girl added:“I am very excited because I have been playing volleyball since I was 4 years old”, emphasising the importance of cultivating her great passion over time. Also, Asia, captain of the Beavers volleyball team, shared her thoughts:“I am very happy, I am having a lot of fun with my team. I chose volleyball because it is a sport where you have to communicate with the team, plus you can make many new friends”. Finally, the volleyball player concluded:“I like the world of sports because I think it is a nice way to stay active and share your passions with your teammates”.

In conclusion, both days represented two beautiful collective appointments made of sports confrontation, teamwork and, above all, of sharing emotions within the entire school community. H-FARM International School has decided to continue supporting this important sports initiative with the intention of organising the H-CUP annually

Finally, the union between boys and girls epitomises the values of sports, by fostering a sense of camaraderie and inclusivity. Moreover, the enthusiasm of the coaches in seeing the students heavily involved and the team spirit fully embodies the H-CUP athletic community, our energetic Beavers, beyond the entire H-FARM Campus.

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