School year starts hosting leading names in the economy, innovation, and architecture

Fabrizio Longo, Audi Italia's general manager, Simon Beckerman, founder of the startup unicorn Depop, and the internationally renowned architect Philippe Starck.

Our school and post-diploma programs started just two weeks ago and our students already had the unique opportunity to meet 3 leading international people.

This kind of opportunity has always represented one of the main objectives of our educational offer and one of the perks of studying and living on our campus, in which startuppers, entrepreneurs, and innovation leaders from all over the world meet and inspire our students.

Among the messages our guests shared are:

«The best investment you can make in yourself is to cultivate new interests and open up to different paths. If a company shapes itself based only on its tech know-how, it will have many limits. Being able to understand what customers and empathize with them will make all the difference for companies, even in the automotive sector, which is undergoing decisive transformations and must be careful not to pursue innovations as an end in themselves. Experience must support innovation» – Fabrizio Longo, during the United For Progress event with Audi Italia.

«In the past, the interest in vintage and second-hand items was a niche thing. Depop opened this perspective to many people, not only young ones. It created a window into people's homes and closets. A way to digitally express just like fashion does, which allows everyone to express themselves» – Simon Beckerman, during the United For Progress event with Audi Italia.

«Creativity has always been a part of human existence. Nobody knows why we create, but it is in our DNA: we are creatives and creators by nature, each in their own way. I have dedicated my whole life to creativity. Choose your goal well, something you deeply believe in and go for it» – Philippe Starck