Clementoni, sustainable growth through innovation

We supported the company in a research project to identify new consumer needs and we use their games at our Sparx Summer Camps for children.

Innovation as the engine of shared, accessible and sustainable growth. This is the prerequisite behind the research path we carried out for Clementoni, a leader in the world of educational games. This innovation journey involved 60 "toy professionals" to define new market trends and a new strategic direction.

We analyzed the context in which the company operates and identified some phenomena taking place today that are consistent with Clementoni's core values: sustainability, inclusiveness, the relationship with technology, the connection that playing forms between adults and kids. These topics were at the center of a co-creative workshop we organized for the Clementoni team, that led to the development of 80 ideas and 11 strategic briefs.

Our collaboration also involves the use of Clementoni games in our Sparx Summer Camps: thanks to the Clementoni Bubble and Super Doc robots, children learn the basics of coding and robotics in a creative and fun way.