BA in Digital Management: admission test 2021/2022

All info on how to access the BA degree delivered by the Ca' Foscari University in partnership with us.

Admission to this BA is limited and requires candidates to take a test to ensure they possess adequate preparation and meet our selection criteria. All relevant information on pre-enrolment and enrolment is included in the call for applications.

For the academic year 2021/2022, 2 admission sessions are planned, one in spring and one in summer. There are 140 seats available (20 reserved for non-EU students residing abroad) and 85 seats will be assigned at the spring selection.

See the application page.

Admission process – spring session

  • take the entrance test and complete the pre-enrolment application by 21 April (access the reserved area on the Ca' Foscari website with your SPID credentials and see under "Admission test");
  • on 28 April, check if you have been admitted to the selection interview;
  • take part in the online selection interview on 3-4 May;
  • the admission list will be published on 11 May;
  • if admitted, complete pre-enrolment between 11 and 18 May and pay the required fees; if not admitted, on 25 May check if there are any vacant places;
  • between 1 and 30 July, complete the enrolment and pay the first instalment of tuition fees

Adequate knowledge of mathematics and English (at least B2 level) is required. On 6 May, we organize a B2 test session on our Campus: info here.

Admitted students who will complete enrolment by July 15 will access a pre-course to prepare for and take a part of the Introduction to Coding and Data Management exam – planned for the first year.

All info on the application page.