Partnership with the Princess of Girona Foundation

Promoting the evolution of the educational system through a series of joint projects in Italy and Spain.

The Princess of Girona Foundation was created more than a decade ago with the aim of supporting young people in their professional development, from education to access to the labour market, through training, support, and generating role models for youth.

This agreement reinforces our mutual commitment to support young people in accessing the best tools and skills to unlock their potential, regardless of their backgrounds.

Three are the main areas of collaboration:

  • the evolution of schools through digital transformation so that they can adopt innovative technologies and tools; 
  • the digital empowerment of teachers, supporting them in their upskilling process;
  • the growth of talents so that students can boost their skills and access high-level education.

There are many projects on which we will work together, starting from FPdiGI existing activities such as their International Awards, which recognise the careers of young people who stand out for their work and merits. 

We will contribute through our know-how in innovative education, especially through our unique metaverse educational platform MY SCHOOL – which was exhibited at Expo Dubai 2020 –, making it available to disadvantaged schools in selected locations throughout Italy and Spain.