– WonderLEARN, a new dawn for corporate education

Under the patronage of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (the Italian Fashion Council), this is the third event in our series. It's aimed at rediscovering the magic in corporate learning and mapping out the landscape of education today.

Our age is, more than any other, defined by ever-shifting borders that continuously reshape people, communities, and politics. When it comes to organizations, investing in personal skills can be a tremendous tool for innovation, as long as we are ready to navigate this ongoing shift and organize ourselves in new, flexible ways. 
The education sector, too, has been experiencing a radical change. The constant evolution of technology created new landscapes, in which the need for a whole new set of knowledge and skills is crystal clear: diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, emotional intelligence, teamwork, adaptability, ownership. 

For WonderLEARN, we chose the Alice in Wonderland theme because this is where we will dive down the rabbit hole and explore the weird world of corporate learning. What is corporate learning? How do we learn? What is the role of technology? How is this field (or how should it be) changing? This will be an unconference focused on unlearning what we know about learning.

Join us on June 6-7 together with those who are willing to make the leap, going the way of Alice and follow the white rabbit.