Moneyfarm, a data-driven support to media planning

The company specialized in digital wealth management services has chosen us to build a strategy for maximizing its online advertising investments.



Through our strategic consulting on the digital customer experience, our data science team extracted the distinctive features of Moneyfarm users' online journeys. The goal was to develop a customized attribution model which attaches the right importance to the different contact points of their customer journeys, maximizing the results of the digital strategy.

Starting from the data, we systemized the information to optimize Moneyfarm's media buying activity, from evaluating the current media plan to experimenting with new channels and formats.

Founded in 2011 by Giovanni Daprà and Paolo Galvani, Moneyfarm is one the leading pan-European digital wealth managers. Thanks to digital technologies, it developed an innovative model of independent financial advice and first-rate asset management.