Veneto Outdoor

We contributed to the functional analysis, design, graphic identity and user experience of the app created by the Veneto Region that collects hundreds of itineraries.

Veneto Outdoor – available on Android and iOS – is the first app that collects all the itineraries and excursions in Veneto that you can travel on foot, by bike, on horseback, by ski or snowshoe. There are also food&wine routes such as the "wine roads".

It was presented on February 10 at the BIT – International Travel Exhibition in Milan and on February 12 at the BTO – Buy Tourism Online in Florence and now has 129 routes, approximately 12,500 km, distributed in all the provinces of our Region.

We took care of the functional analysis, design, graphic identity and user experience. Travel Appeal – a company in our investment portfolio – contributed to the technical aspects of the project.

It's the first app that promotes tourist itineraries using the certified "open data" model, a technology that will allow organizations, associations to suggest new routes. In the coming months the database will be improved with more contents, including weather updates and useful information.