WeGeneration, third edition

Our project with Audi Italia continues with 5 new protagonists and a new leitmotif: beauty. 

Presented in November 2018, WeGeneration is our education project with Audi Italia designed to support the culture of innovation and change, with the goal of promoting the "contamination" of the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

The 3rd season is focused on beauty. Generation Z is fascinated by beauty: the opportunity to create contents of personal expression (creativity), the beauty of nature and the duty to preserve it (sustainability), the search of new forms of design, fashion and art (innovation). 

For Generation Z, the creation of beauty is a continuous act, enhanced by digital tools. Creativity is not so much related to creating original content, but to reinterpretating it. Generation Z experiences beauty in a unique and personalized way and prefers those who offer customization opportunities. For Generation Z, preserving the beauty of nature is a challenge that can no longer be delayed. Critical of how the previous generations behaved, it still optimistically looks at the new contribution it can give – also through the Internet. It's a generation always connected and networking with others, because preserving beauty is a global mission.

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The protagonists:
Francesca: born in 1999, from Carimate (Como), studies Intercultural Communication at the University of Milano-Bicocca
Pepo: born in 2000, from Pisa, studies Engineering Management at the University of Pisa
Lorenzo: born in 2000, from Prata di Pordenone (Pordenone), studies Digital Management at our Bachelor's Degree with Ca' Foscari
Pietro: born in 2000, from Verona, studies Digital Management at our Bachelor's Degree with Ca' Foscari
Giorgia: born in 1999, from Alto Reno Terme (Bologna), studies Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.

They are guided by Tudor Laurini, aka Klaus, content creator and musical producer.