Nurturing healthy habits: what do I bring for a snack?

Nurturing healthy habits: what do I bring for a snack?

The captivating workshop – La merenda dei bambini – led by the insightful Nutrition Specialist Verdiana Ramina, echoed with the sentiment: “A full stomach is a happy stomach!”

Hosted at our school in Vicenza, this event offered parents and educators the opportunity to explore the realm of nutritious snacks and creative food pairings, addressing the common challenge of selecting suitable snacks for children. With snacks constituting around 10% of the total daily energy intake, the session emphasised the need to prioritise nutritional value over convenience. 

Participants delved into the complexities of choosing snacks for school, recognizing that finding the right option is not always an easy task. The convenience and appeal of packaged snacks often lead parents to opt for them, but the workshop shed light on the importance of making mindful choices. 

Discussions revolved around the principal characteristics of an ideal hunger-cruncher, addressing factors such as the frequency of sweet snacks, the significance of flexibility, and the basic principles of healthy eating. Participants learned that a good snack should be complete, easy to eat, tasty, and also visually appealing. To make snacks more enticing, the specialist suggested using coloured and amusing boxes and bottles.

Verdiana Ramina guided participants through various food pairings, demonstrating how to create satisfying and nutritious combinations. Examples included pairing chocolate biscuits with half an apple or enjoying a savoury focaccia alongside fresh fruit. Accompanied by water, always regarded as the best choice, these combinations aimed to not only satiate hunger but also provide essential nutrients.

The event allowed parents and educators to gain insights into cultivating a positive relationship with food for children, essential for fostering healthy habits and promoting overall well-being.

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