Our boarding school is a full member of the BSA

Our boarding school is a full member of the BSA

The Boarding Schools’ Association – BSA – has fully endorsed H-FARM International School, granting it full membership based on the quality of services provided to boarding students.

‘We decided to undergo this evaluation and analysis process for our Boarding School to continue on a path of growth and improvement,’ explained Conan De Wilde, Head of School, and Cristiano Serafin, Head of Boarding. ‘In just one year, we managed to achieve this prestigious certification’.

The evaluation process, initiated in September 2022, demanded 15 months of dedicated work involving the formalization and structuring of all internal processes. BSA’s external Audit, a globally recognized institution dedicated to boarding school staff training, conducted comprehensive analyses and inspections. Besides scrutinizing documentation, they engaged in a three-day campus audit, interacting with staff, students, and parents.

This diligent effort led the London-based boarding school association to approve the school’s candidacy and include it among the ‘certified’ institutes.

The analysis revealed that H-FARM International School surpassed expected standards in terms of ‘personal support from staff and other professionals’ assisting student activities. Additionally, it excelled in ‘communication with parents and families.’

The school aligned completely with BSA’s required standards concerning procedures and activities for welcoming and integrating new student boarders, interpersonal and social relations within the community, the reporting system, and the implementation of sanctions for regulation breaches. BSA’s inspection identified ‘occasional issues related to misconduct, but these were well managed, and the number was not unreasonable for a population of this size.’

The school met standards entirely in all aspects of care and medical support for illness or medical needs.

The food service received positive evaluations for both quality and quantity. ‘The catering is very good,’ stated the BSA inspector. Additionally, the spaces available to students, extracurricular activities, trips, and accommodations were approved, particularly noting the high-quality furnishings, especially the bathrooms.

Lastly, safety measures in the dormitory and the number, preparation, and quality of educators overseeing the students met expectations and standards.

‘In addition to our satisfaction in achieving certification,’ explained Serafin, ‘this affiliation brings numerous opportunities, starting with qualifying training activities to update our educators’ preparation, as well as access to best practices within the association’s network of member schools.’

Our boarding students are also incredibly proud that their home away from home has received this significant recognition, demonstrating the hard work our Boarding team consistently invests in providing an exceptional life experience for them.

‘I had experience with another boarding and only in comparison a person can understand how much H-FARM does for students – Anastasiia said – It’s comfortable here and you feel safe. They take care of us, both about our health (psychological and physical), and about leisure, about our social life and comfort. We are taken out to different interesting places on weekends so that we can relax. Boarding parents are very tactful and know how to find the right approach to children, they know all the nuances that are associated with our character and lifestyle, which is why each boarding student has their own pleasant atmosphere’.

‘The boarding at H-FARM has really opened their arms to me this year. – added Maya – The family-like environment has made me feel very comfortable and appreciated at H-FARM. The boarding educators have gone out of their way to make not only me but all the students feel welcome. I feel that the quality of the relationships in the boarding are really like no other- you learn so many things about yourself and your friends and really they turn into your siblings away from home. I feel so happy to call H-FARM my second home’.

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